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Injuries to the teeth, mouth, or face can be serious. Up to 40% of all dental injuries occur during sports. Even non-contact sports include the risk of impact to the face from a ball, the floor, or another person. The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons recommends that every person participating in any sports activity should wear protective head gear and a mouth guard. When these precautions are used correctly, they can help reduce the level of trauma experienced from any impact to the head or mouth.

There are 3 types of sports mouth guards available. Stock guards are pre-made and purchased for use as-is. These tend to be uncomfortable and provide less protection than a properly fitted guard. The boil and bite guard is softened in boiling water before use. Once the guard is pliant, the wearer will bite down to create an impression fitted for their teeth. These guards provide a better fit, but are not as durable as a custom mouth guard. Custom guards are fabricated from impressions done by our doctor and are the most precisely fitted type. We can help you decide which type of guard is right for your needs.

Over 5,000,000 teeth are injured or knocked out each year. $500,000,000 is spent on repair and replacement for these dental injuries. If your tooth is injured or knocked out, contact our office immediately for instructions. Teeth can often be saved, even reimplanted, with prompt care.

If you have soft tissue bleeding from your head, face, or mouth, cover the wound with a clean cloth and apply gentle, firm pressure. Contact our office or your doctor for instructions.

If you experience an emergency, visit your local emergency room for immediate care and contact our Oral Surgeon in Sacramento office at your earliest opportunity.

For more information on facial trauma or to schedule an appointment, contact our Sacramento Oral Surgeon office.

Resource: http://myoms.org/procedures/treatment-of-facial-injury

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