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Why Choose Sacramento Valley Dental Specialists?

Our Core Values

It is important to be aware of our core values to be a part of our team. Read below for more information.


  • Specialty treatment can and should be fun, while still being focused.
  • We encourage potlucks, lunches, & celebrations for our team.
  • Celebrate! We want you to enjoy work.
  • Work can be fun. From a high five to singing a tune, we wnat you to enjoy your time here.


  • We want our team to thrive.
  • Truly living is thriving. Thriving is not financial or “if this happens, then I’ll be happy.”
  • We want to be the happiest place to work! This is our most important goal.
  • We can achieve ALL of this from work is the culture is right.


  • This is our differentiator! This is what we do better than anyone else.
  • People do not talk about “average”
  • We want people talking about how we WOW’d them

Every Relationship is VERY valuable


This one is simple – think of a business you LOVE – they do a good job ALL the time.

We can’t hit our core values only once in a while & think we are going to be amazing. We have to consistently hit our core values to be amazing.

Care for ALL

Care for our patients, each other, the referring offices, and the community. Caring for others is an opportunity to show gratitude for what every one provides.

Our Purpose

“Work hard together to bring positivity and smiles to everyone.”