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Instrumentarium Orthopantomograph® OP300 Cone Beam

In order to give our patients the best possible care, we use the highest quality and most state-of-the-art technologies. Our Instrumentarium Orthopantomograph® OP300 Cone Beam imaging system provides us with the highest standard performance in dental imaging. This system allows us to see more of your teeth and jaw so we can accurately perform specialty oral surgeries. This imaging is of the highest quality and uses Low Dose Technology™ (LDT) which means less radiation than a traditional scanner.

The Instrumentarium Orthopantomograph® OP300 allows us to get precise, high quality imaging while maintaining the safety of our patients. Sacramento Valley Dental Specialists is proud to offer this technology as only ten percent of dentists have this technology in their practice.

NOMAD Pro™ Handheld Low Dose Portable X-Ray

The NOMAD Pro™ Handheld Low Dose Portable X-Ray is one of the most advanced portable dental x-ray systems available today. This portable device produces high quality images we can use to diagnose and treat dental conditions or disease. Because it is portable, it allows our doctors more time with their patients in the exam room. There is no need for patients to relocate to a different room for imaging or even visit an additional practice- it is all completed in house. We aim to provide the best care for our patients and produce the best quality dental scans in a timely manner. This technology also allows for the lowest radiation x-rays in dentistry.


The iChiropro, made by Bien-Air, is used to design a strategy for placing dental implants for our patients. This device is controlled by an iPad and a constantly evolving computer application. This allows us endless possibilities to plan your operation procedures as smoothly and efficiently as possible. With this revolutionary system we can place up to eight implants in the same procedure.